Our Projects


VeeRuby technologies has contributed for the AR + GPS Application to create SDK for the Users, The app helps you navigate and explore 300 cities worldwide using augmented reality and computer vision at scale.

Azure Remote Rendering

VeeRuby Technologies has an expertise on Azure Remote Rendering which enables to render highly complex 3D models in real time on devices such as HoloLens 2.

Azure Spatial Anchors

This tutorials teaches Azure Spatial Anchors(ASA) fundamentals and how to anchor a complete mixed reality experience in the real world.

Global Map for HoloLens

You have seen the Map’s in your Mobile phones. Similar to this , VeeRuby Technologies have worked on a Test project of Global Map for HoloLens.

Medical Application

VeeRuby Technologies has created a HoloLens Medical DiCom Viewer application that allows surgeons to view the DiCom images without switching to another place in the operation theatre.

Microsoft Tutorials

Microsoft has been developing tutorials and sample applications for HoloLens developers. these tutorials walk you through how to make a HoloLens 2 application with Unity.

Mixed Reality Tool Kit

MRTK for Unity is an open-source, cross-platform development kit for mixed reality applications. And VeeRuby Technologies has an Expertise on MRTK SDK’s for Creation of AR and VR content or Applications for HoloLens.

Multiplatform App with Photon Sharing

We have created a Multiplayer Multiplatform App with Photon sharing, which enables the user to share the movements of objects.


Similar to Photon Network, NormCore is a multiplayer networking plug-in for unity, and VeeRuby technologies have experience working on Normcore.

PC Holographic Remoting

PC Holographic Remoting tutorial teaches how to create a mixed reality experience demonstrating UI elements, 3D model manipulation, model clipping, and eye-tracking features.

People Occlusion

With the release of ARKit 3 there have been advancements in Occlusion in terms of improving immersion and interactivity. People Occlusion is on such a concept that has been done by VeeRuby Technologies.

Speech To Text Application

We at VeeRuby Technologies have worked on an application for HoloLens, which listens to the Speech from the user and Displays it as text on a Hologram.

Sports Player Analytical Web Portal

VeeRuby Technologies designed a Web Portal for Base Ball Application run on HoloLens which allows the user or the player to Look into stats and every day results. This Web Portal is built on Azure Services to store the data.

Text In Space

We at VeeRuby Technologies have worked on Text in Space application for HoloLens. With this application for HoloLens, You can also position it on a table or wall, walk around it and see it from various angles, much like real-world physical objects.

UI UX Shell Experience

In addition to the AR and VR development, we also provide service of UI UX Shell Experience for AR, VR, Android Applications.

WebRTC Video Chat

WebRTC is a network link in real-time. Using MixedReality-WebRTC, VeeRuby Technologies has worked on a HoloLens.

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