Virtual & Augmented Reality in Education

Oh, Boy. It makes you excited right by knowing what VR & AR are. Even though you are not entirely aware of VR & AR, it is not an issue. Because you already know about that if you watch Hollywood movies. Yes, I am right. If you have a habit of watching Hollywood movies, you will come across these technologies in any one of the movies. For instance, take the Iron Man movie where Tony stark, aka Robert Downey Jr., Uses AR to make Iron man suits & uses the same in his helmet for communication and monitoring process. Now, you got it, right. The same technology can be used in education also, but it needs more time for such fineness. But we already have many tools that use VR & AR in the real world. So let us dig into how VR & AR impact education.

Technology has become an integral part of our lifestyle. As a result, technology plays a vital role in modern education. With vast information available so readily on the Internet has changed the landscape of education, thanks to powerful search engines. It helps in emphasizing student engagement, learning by doing, & broader & in-depth understanding of complex subjects.

Even though we are using online platforms for education, we still lack engagement due to critical factors. Educational contents and answers to so many questions are just a few clicks away. Still, many learners have difficulty retaining knowledge.

We are having some critical challenges in the present Education system.

· Teaching methods are about fact retention- Still, fact retention is considered the key to a successful education system. Students have access to every info & still, they are struggling to learn from that.

· Comprehension of a lot of information is often tricky- We have plenty of information on the Internet & receiving a lot of information in a short period is overwhelming to learners & it results in learners' disengagement & reason for boredom.

· Lack of engagement in Internal & External Environment- Individual education depends on both the internal & external environment of the classroom. Present teaching tools & other aspects are not many motivating factors for learners to continue the active & engaging learning tools.

· Student-Teacher ratio- It is a fundamental problem faced by many learners. The optimal Teacher-student ratio in India is 1:30. But due to lack of facilities students & teacher ratio become imbalanced. So, lack of active participation & engagement.

· Poor Infrastructure & Lack of facilities- These are serious challenges many learners face in India. Lack of facilities such as lab & equipment is also taking a toll on the learners, efficient oriented concepts.

The optimal solution for these types of challenges is the integration of technology throughout the learning process. Integration of VR & AR in education resolves major problems & enables learners to learn more effectively & efficiently.

VR & AR in EdTech