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Microsoft's Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK) is a cross-platform toolkit that provides a specific set of components and features that accelerates cross-platform MR app development for Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. MRTK for HoloLens 2 

Tool Kit


explores how we can create a tactile sensation with visual, audio, and fully articulated hand-tracking. VeeRuby Technologies specializes in MRTK SDKs for creating AR and VR content or HoloLens based applications.

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Business VALUE

A huge selling point for MRTK is that their tools work with all XR platforms, it’s exceptionally customizable, and Microsoft is steadily invested in MRTK for the long haul. In addition, MRTK comes with Near and Far Interactions for more intuitive user navigation. Also, Consolidated Hand Menus free up precious XR screen space without losing functionality.

We’re still in the tenderfoot era of XR application design. The MRTK contains a rich set of tools for testing the builds, both within a Unity Editor or in a virtual environment. When it comes to Mixed Reality, Microsoft not only has developed best-selling mixed reality products for HoloLens, but it also has created mixed-reality toolkit software for the Unity platform. The major challenge is enabling MRTK settings and accessing the features appropriately.


Microsoft Mixed Reality

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