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Holo-kart is a Multiplayer Hololens 2 Go-Kart Racing 3D video game. The player controls the Go-Kart exploring the amusement park. The objective is to survive while also amassing the maximum objects possible. The longer you survive, the more objects you acquire. The score is determined by the objects you acquire.



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Business VALUE

There is no flying from the fact that video games have come a very long way since simple arcades. In recent days gaming has gone beyond entertainment and eye-hand coordination. Racing games give you a powerful brain boost and theoretically increase your visuomotor skills as every race and racer demands complete focus to make it to the finish line.

Challenges make the game fun. Also, help the players overcome disorders linked with anxiety, depression, stress, and more. Fire up the multiplayer mode to boost your decision-making abilities. Forget about trying all the memory apps to make you feel smarter, get your hands on wheels, and accelerate your brainpower.


Holo-Kart 3D game was developed employing Augmented Reality and HoloLens 2.

Technology STACK

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