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Thanks to the technology in our pockets and wrists, the language barrier is no longer a barrier anymore. The translator application is a platform which allows users to understand foreign languages in their native tongue. There are two phases to it: local and global. The software can translate your speech from one language to another during the local phase. Then, the user can receive a recognized voice from any location and translate it into a specified language in the global phase.


Ong Innovations


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Mobile Devices and Desktop

Business value


Globalizing the business perspective is something to think about. With live captioning and cross-language comprehension, it allows you to connect directly with your consumers regardless of location. It also creates a more inclusive classroom for both teachers and children. Using the Translator applications, you can translate more real-time conversations.


Although we cannot give a solution that fits every single problem of translation entirely, this might help you mitigate their impact with some tips extracted from experience. Without professional translators, we struggle to fathom the message; the translator is fast and provides you with an instant translation for 90+ languages; using a translation application is an efficient way to eliminate the language barrier and ensure ease of communication. This wider range of understanding languages can have innumerable positive effects in daily life.


Technology Stack


The application was developed using Azure, Google API, Photon, Android.

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