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Normcore seamless multiplayer for unity. Normcore is the best way to add multiplayer to any project. With Normcore, create mobile games, collaboration tools, enterprise, or any project with real-time communication. Normcore provides everything you need and includes networked physics, persistent spaces, voice chat, supporting XR, which runs smoothly on all platforms. Normcore works on Windows, Mac, IOS, and Android.


ONG Innovation


Game And Entertainment


Multiplayer Application


HoloLens, IOS, Android

Business value


Normcore is built using incredible technology. Any multiplayer object in Normcore can persist between sessions with a single click or a single line of code. In addition, it is the only multiplayer framework that provides add voice chat to any prefab. It creates an app that works across all VR and AR devices. Normcore’s servers run across the globe and are connected via a private fiber network that delivers unmatched low latency.


Establishing a connection between devices is the major challenge; Normcore uses a transport mechanism for getting packets between clients and the server. Normcore dynamically chooses when to send updates and how to fragment them into several packets using the datastore, flow control, and intelligent packet fragmentation to reduce the time it takes for packets to travel.


Technology Stack


Normcore, Unity

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