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Multiplayer gaming is more significant than ever. However, with that growth has come longing for greater cross-platform accessibility, fulfilling the rising demand for gamers. Multiplayer multiplatform is a multiplatform application for Android, IOS, and HoloLens 2 with Photon sharing, allowing users to exchange movements of all players in a shared experience to communicate, view, and perceive each other's interactions. Following the same principles, we can develop a Game or a Chat room with multiple users.


ONG Innovation


Game And Entertainment


Multiple User Gaming


Android, IOS, HoloLens

Business value


Multiplayer Multiplatform gaming is a part of everyday life for millions worldwide. Connecting with players around the globe is a decisive contribution to the huge and enduring popularity of online gaming. So we as developers make sure players have all kinds of access they need to make informed decisions while focusing on their resources when building games.


Multiplayer gaming is here to stay. Multiplayer Multiplatform is the feature that the gaming world has been crying out to see at the top titles; the possibility of going back to being siloed based on what platform to choose will no longer be an option. Instead, the gaming industry's feature-rich communication technology makes it easier to manage voice chat into your game across all platforms, helping you drive engagement in multiplayer experiences.


Technology Stack


Photon was used to develop the application.

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