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Text in Space application for HoloLens. With this application for HoloLens, You can also position it on a table or wall, walk around it and see it from various angles, much like real-world physical objects. Since HoloLens analyses the environment and recognizes the spatial mapping information, the object stays right there just like other physical objects when you return to the same room, even after days and weeks.

Text In Space
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VeeRuby Technologies

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3D Visuals

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AR Services

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Unity, MRTK

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Business VALUE

In any AR world, If we need to refer or identify an object with a text this project was very usefull. It allows us to place text in the physical space and we can grab, move anywhere.

We faced that in order implement varity of text, and convertion.


Technology STACK

AR, VR, MR and Android Mobile